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Fowler Museum, UCLA: Vital Matters - Applied Jain Ethics For Earth Day

Arihanta Academy’s [Institute] CEO, Parveen Jain, and Chief Academic Officer, Christopher Jain Miller, were invited to speak at the “Vital Matters: Applied Jain Ethics for Earth Day” event at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.


The Roundtable event, which took place on April 22, 2022, was moderated by Dr. Miller who interviewed a panel of prominent members of the Jain community to help a global audience understand how the Jain vratas (vows) and way of life can help solve some of our most critical environmental issues.


Dr. Shivani Bothra, Dr. Tushar Mehta, and Nisha Mehta were also part of the invited panel, all of whom brought a wealth of lived experience as Jains who advocate for various causes including environmental justice, animal rights, veganism, social justice, public health, and solutions to other prominent contemporary challenges.


Watch the video here to understand how all of these issues are related according to the fundamental Jain assertion that we all live in an interconnected web of life.


More information about the event can be found here:   
“Vital Matters: Applied Jain Ethics for Earth Day”