Learn to Apply Eternal Knowledge to
Build a Lifestyle Inspired by Compassion
and Non-violence

Learning Areas

Social Justice
Do you want to make the world a better place? Do the grave social injustices of racism, sexism, and other social issues compel you to make a difference in the world?
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Yoga, Self-care and Spirituality
Do you want to study the history, philosophy and anthropology of yoga traditions with experts in the field of yoga studies?
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Professional Ethics
is your professional life and career an ethical life and career?
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Animal Advocacy and Biodiversity
Do you have compassion for animals and a passion for animal ethics? Are you concerned about the annual slaughter of billions of animals and the unacceptable conditions of animal agriculture worldwide?
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Climate Change and Environment
Are you concerned with climate change, land and water pollution, and the overall destruction of our planet earth?
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Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology
Do you want to learn more about a spiritual tradition that is in line with your values of non-violence, compassion, and respect for all forms of life?
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Study in a live online classroom with students and subject experts from around the world
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Arihanta Institute's mission is to build a world-class online institution for deeper learning of the principles of compassion and non-violence, and how these principles apply to daily life for the benefit and well-being of individuals and society in light of today’s most pressing concerns.

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Arihanta Institute Faculty

Professor Christopher Miller, PhD
Professor Cogen Bohanec, PhD
Professor Jeffery Long, PhD
Professor Jonathan Dickstein, PhD
Professor Anand Vaidya, PhD
Professor Ellen Gough, PhD
Professor Brianne Donaldson, PhD
Professor Steven M. Vose, PhD
Pratiti Jain, PharmD
Arpit Mehta
Hope Bohanec
Nisha Mehta
Mayuri Bhandari
Shanti Parakh
Pratik Bhansali
Sunny Jain
Dr. Manoj Jain, MD
Yogendra Jain
Atul Shah, PhD
Professor Patricia Rodrigues de Souza, PhD
Laura von Ostrowski, PhD
Vandana Jain
Archana Jain Jerath
Benjamin Zenk
Shugan Jain
Alba Rodriguez
Anita Jain
Dinesh Jain
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