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Dhanesh Kothari
Technopreneur, Founder and CEO of pi2Life
Lausanne, Switzerland
Meet Dhanesh Kothari, Indian-born, Swiss-based Technopreneur and Founder and CEO of pi2Life. Listen to how Dhanesh connects entrepreneurship, karma, and Jain principles in his own professional career as he moves from banking to ethical entrepreneurship.

Highlights of Interview with Dhanesh Kothari

Dhanesh Kothari – Full Length Interview

Interview Segments
  1. About Dhanesh Kothari
  2. Leaving a Successful Career
  3. Advocacy in Switzerland
  4. Being Drawn to Jainism
  5. Dhanesh’s Companies & Karma
  6. Goals for the Jain Community
  7. Growing Up with Jain Values
  8. Importance of Jain Principles in Life
  9. Jain Ethics in Busines
  10. Practicing Jainism Outside of India
  11. Where Jain Ethics are Visible