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Parveen Jain, PhD
Entrepreneur, and CEO of Arihanta Institute
San Jose, California, United States
Parveen Jain is the CEO and President of Arihanta Institute. Listen to Parveen’s life story as he is raised in India, ran several successful companies and founded start-ups in the Silicon Valley, led a project to build a Jain temple in the San Francisco Bay Area, and eventually establishes Arihanta Institute to democratize Jain studies and make them accessible worldwide.

Highlights of Interview with Parveen Jain, PhD

Parveen Jain, PhD – Full Length Interview

Interview Segments
  1. About Parveen Jain
  2. Living as a Jain in Western Society
  3. Practicing Jainism in Professional Life
  4. Attachment in the Contemporary Jain Community
  5. Doing Trade with Other Jains
  6. Experience Compared to Others in India & US
  7. Important Values of Jainism
  8. Jain Cosmology