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Shalin Jain, PhD
Professor of History at the University of Delhi
Delhi, India
Hear from distinguished Professor of History at the University of Delhi, Dr. Shalin Jain. Learn how critical approaches to Jain Studies open new opportunities for self-understanding within the Jain community, and the challenges of communicating these critical insights to Jains worldwide.

Highlights of Interview with Shalin Jain, PhD

Shalin Jain, PhD – Full Length Interview

Interview Segments
  1. Meet Shalin Jain
  2. Being a Jain and its Impact on Research
  3. Being Trained in Jainism
  4. Book Presentation
  5. Criticism from the Jain Community
  6. Different Perspectives of Jainism
  7. Jainism & Business
  8. Jainism and Modernization
  9. Learning Deeper about Jain Philosophy