New Online Speaker Series: Voices in Vegan Studies

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New Online Speaker Series: Voices in Vegan Studies

As part of the new Vegan Studies Initiative at Arihanta Institute, Voices in Vegan Studies is a new online speaker series featuring premier scholars in the field of Vegan Studies.


The aim of the series is twofold: first, to bring mainstream Vegan Studies research and ideas to the Jain community and scholars working in Jain Studies and Engaged Jain Studies; second, to expose non-Jains to the many ways Jain philosophy and practice align with veganism and how Jains connect their veganism to their religious heritage and identity.


The first of nine sessions will commence with Arihanta Institute Professor Jonathan Dickstein and his talk, “A Unifying Vegan Horizon” on May 20, 2024 from 9 a.m - 10:30 am PDT.


To register and learn more about all of the Voices in Vegan Studies speakers, visit: voices.arihantainstitute.org