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The Jain Bhāvanās: Benevolence, Sympathetic Joy, Compassion, and Equanimity in Everyday Life

Course Number: 1012
Explore the meanings, history, and practical applications of the cultivation of the Jain virtues of benevolence towards all living beings (maitrī), sympathetic joy for the virtuous (pramoda), compassion for the afflicted (kāruṇya), and equanimity towards the unvirtuous (mādhyastha). Begin by defining each term according to Jain textual sources. Next, appreciate the moral significance of these virtues and its various applications. Finally, with this conceptualization and history in mind, bring your fresh and deeper understanding of these virtues into the present and apply them in daily life.

Course Length

4 hours Self-Study (Professor available by appointment in office hours)

Course Details

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the relevance of the four bhāvanās in Jain ethics and soteriology.
• Critically consider their context, and compare with other religious traditions.
• Bring your own insight of the bhāvanās into the present and apply them in daily life.

Learning Area

Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology


Alba Rodriguez