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Beyond Vegetarianism: Jain Veganism and the Promotion of Ahiṃsā

Course Number: 102
The first of its kind collaboration between the Jain Vegan Initiative and JAINA’s Ahimsak Eco-Vegan Committee, Arihanta Academy brings a course focused on veganism through the lens of applied Jainism. Throughout history, Jains have been at the forefront of promoting non-violence, with consideration of life extending to the microscopic level. Parallels can be found in ethical veganism, animal rights, environmentalism, and social justice. Those not familiar with veganism are welcome to join but prior knowledge is useful. The primary intention of this course is to serve as an introductory educational resource for those Jains who are already vegan or vegan-curious, to equip them with current, accurate information with which to promote a non-violent lifestyle.

Learning Area

Animal Advocacy and Biodiversity