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Essence of Jainism through the teaching of Shrimad Rajchandra Agas

Course Number: 105
Essence of Jainism is an intermediate course which provides a solid foundation to Jain belief and covers a more advanced understanding of the key tenets of Jain principles, compassion for all living beings, importance of Agna Bhakti and path to peace and spirituality.

This course is modified to understand the deeper meaning of daily bhakti, satsang and key mantra malas including the similarities of Navkar Mantra and Sahaj Atma Swaroop Paramguru, Paramguru Nirgranth Sarwagna Dev, and Atam Bhavna Bhava Ta Jiv Lahe Keval Gyan Re. Introduction to four gatis (life forms), five Indriyas (senses), four types of kashaya (type of emotions) is included. We will also cover the life of Laghuraj swami and Bharamachariji in accordance with Agas Ashram.

Learning Area

Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology

Course Length

4 hours