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Reimagining Sustainability: Jain Environmental Advocacy

Course Number: 106

The Jain Vegan Initiative brings this course designed to introduce the connection between Jain Philosophy and Environmentalism. It introduces a unique lens for looking at the environment by understanding how various communities are affected differently, and how measurements of environmental impact that take into global average impacts dilute a sense of urgency. The stress-free transition from being part of the problem to being a part of the solution in a busy and rapidly urbanizing life will be discussed. The course will entail action oriented self-assessment and discussion regarding effective ways of spreading environmental awareness. 

● Looking at the environment and environmental action from the Jain lens
● Learning about how using global averages to assess environmental impact dilutes the sense of urgency and the disproportionate impact on different communities
● Understanding how ignoring the effects of day to day individual choices may imply participation in propagating injustice
● Learning how our individual actions are tied to systemic problems of capitalism and consumerism
● Obtaining a practical, stress-free, and planned approach to lifestyle transition in a busy, rapidly urbanizing life, and some ways of creating increased environmental awareness

Learning Area

Climate Change and Environment

Course Length

6 hours Self-Study (Instructors available by appointment in office hours)