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Dashlakshan Dharm to follow as a Jain

Course Number: 109
This course incorporates Ten Virtues that characterize Jain Faith as derived from the Tattvartha Sutras and shares basic Jain principles and practices with participants. My goal is to help people learn to be a Jain in Daily Life by possessing these characteristics that will make them peaceful and equanimous. The sessions will bring forth the explanation of these Ten Jain Virtues as propagated by the Arihantas to stop the influx of Karma and release previously accumulated Karmas peacefully by their own efforts. The explanations given will be simple, using everyday language and understanding. By understanding the principles outlined in the class, participants will become aware of Virtuous living.

● The Ten Virtues in Jain Faith – Presented in Day-to-Day context
● Jain Philosophy of Soul, Karma and Liberation as relevant to present life
● How these Virtuous Practices could lead one to live a peaceful life and achieve Salvation.
● Greater awareness and knowledge of fundamental principles propounded in ancient scriptures relevant to modern life.
● Strengthen and unify our community.
● Make this world a better place for all life.
● Peaceful and Virtuous everyday life.

Learning Area

Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology

Course Length

8 hours Self-Study (Instructor available by appointment in office hours)