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Animal-Centered Design

Course Number: 111

Non-human animals are routinely used for profit or product, and as a result, suffer greatly in our society. Animal sanctuaries provide a glimpse of a different world; one in which animals are provided with protected spaces and treated as equals. A new initiative is taking shape that can aid sanctuaries, and individuals, in their goal of bettering animals' lives: Animal-Centered Design (ACD). In this course you will learn the basic principles of ACD, study examples of it in action within sanctuary settings, and consider how ACD can be applied to companion animals and beyond. This course will also touch on passive solar design, focusing on how proper orientation to the natural elements can benefit both animals and our environment. Readings and assignments are provided throughout the course to engage you directly in the animal sanctuary design process and to inspire you to make a positive change for animals.

A portion of the proceeds for this course support Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge.

Learning Objectives: 
Class 1: Introduction to Farmed Animal Sanctuaries
Class 2: Principles of Animal-Centered Design
Class 3: Precedents in Animal-Centered Design
Class 4: Case Study I-Designing Spaces for Goats
Class 5: Case Study II-Designing Spaces for Ducks
Class 6: Animal-Centered Design for Companion Animals
Class 7: Passive Solar Design Strategies for Animal Spaces

Learning Area

Animal Advocacy and Biodiversity

Course Length

6 hours Self-Study (Instructors available by appointment in office hours)