Anand Vaidya, PhD

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Anand Vaidya, PhD
Anand Jayprakash Vaidya is a professor of philosophy at San Jose State University and occasionally directs the Center for Comparative Philosophy. He was trained as an analytic philosopher from 1996 – 2005. His 2005 dissertation, The Epistemology of Metaphysical Modality, was a critical study of how we know what is possible and necessary via conceivability.

Anand works primarily in the areas of cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary philosophy of mind, epistemology, critical thinking, and ethics. His primary interest in this area is on Indo-Anglo-Analytic philosophy that engages cognitive science. He has taught many courses from Asian philosophy to ethical theory to logical theory. In addition to regularly teaching in his research areas, he also teaches business ethics, the philosophy of economics, and theories of justice. He is the co-editor of Business in Ethical Focus: An Anthology, 2nd Edition (Broadview Press, 2016). Visit Anand’s website to learn more.