Jeffery Long, PhD

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Jeffery Long, PhD
Jeffery D. Long is the Carl W. Zeigler Professor of Religion, Philosophy, and Asian Studies at Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania where he has taught since receiving his doctoral degree from the University of Chicago Divinity School in the year 2000.

In 2021, Elizabethtown College gave Jeffrey its Ranck Award for Research Excellence. In 2018, he received the Hindu American Foundation’s Dharma Seva Award for his ongoing work to promote accurate, culturally sensitive portrayals of Indic traditions in the American education system and popular media. And in 2013, he gave the inaugural Virchand Gandhi Lecture in Jain Studies at Claremont University. He has also spoken on ahiṃsā at the United Nations. Jeffrey is the author of several books, including Hinduism in America and Jainism: An Introduction, and co-editor with Christopher Miller and Michael Reading for Beacons of Dharma, and with Michael Long for Nonviolence in the World’s Religions.