Arpit Mehta

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Arpit Mehta
Arihanta Council Member
Arpit Mehta, an Advisory Board Member for Arihanta Institute, is a PhD candidate and Subject Matter Expert in Bioinformatics at Oncology Informatics unit, Philips Inc. He is also pursuing his PhD in computer science at Florida International University. He has over 17 publications in the field of Genomics, notably in Cancer and Covid-19 research. His research interest expands to application of Artificial intelligence in Genomics and Microbiome research.

Arpit is currently on the Advisory board of Young Jain Professionals (YJP) and has served on executive board of Young Jains of America(YJA), YJP and Jain Education Research Foundation (JERF). He has been a member of Jain Center of South Florida for over a decade. During JAINA and YJA conventions, Arpit has given sessions on “Jainism and Science” and is highly motivated to understand concepts of Jainism in modern perspective. His hobbies include Hiking, Cricket, Meditation and Traveling.