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Museum Rietberg

The Museum Rietberg, one of the largest art museums in Switzerland, is administered by the City of Zurich. With a focus on the traditional and contemporary arts and cultures of Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania, it has some 23,000 objects and 37,000 ethnographic photographs in its collection. Most of the objects are on public display, either in the museum’s galleries or in its open storeroom. Arihanta Academy is collaborating with Museum Rietberg in Zürich, Switzerland, to exclusively host online interviews featuring Jains from around the world for the Museum’s upcoming interactive Jain Art Exhibition (coming November 2022). This exhibition uses Jain art to provoke thought, discussion, and action around some of society’s most pressing concerns such as the numerous social and environmental problems humanity faces in the 21st century.


Jains in Society

Interviews with Jains from around the Globe   
For Museum Rietberg’s Art Exhibition   
“Being Jain: Art and Culture of an Indian Religion”   
November 18, 2022 to April 30, 2023  
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