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Federation of Jain Associations in North America

JAINA has been at the forefront of Jain education in North America and around the world. JAINA Education Committee has made commendable contributions to Jain education for all age groups, and JAINA Academic Liaison Committee (ALC) has done a phenomenal job in promoting and institutionalizing Jain Studies at universities and institutions of higher learning all over the world. In addition, JAINA has ongoing educational activities under the banner of JAINA University and JAINA-ALC. Arihanta Academy and JAINA, the two like-minded nonsectarian organizations, are collaborating in pursuit of the common goal of making Jain education accessible. Collectively the two organizations, to     effectively promoting Jain studies worldwide, have formed a collaborative relationship. The relationship, manifesting from an understanding of providing mutual assistance in supporting each other’s mission, is a win-win scenario for both organizations.