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Compassionate Living

Founded by Ms. Hope Bohanec, Compassionate Living is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to end farmed animal suffering and encourage a vegan lifestyle to help everyone thrive. Compassionate Living works not only to relieve the suffering of farmed animals, but to support and help build a more sustainable, just, and non-violent world, one where human and nonhuman animals can all prosper in peace and wellbeing. (www.compassionate-living.org). Compassionate Living runs a campaign, The Ahimsa Living, for bringing together the dharmic concept of ahimsa (non-violence) and veganism. The Ahimsa Living Project was created to bring two worlds together: the dharma traditions and veganism, as they are natural sister communities and allies. In these ancient traditions, needlessly killing other sentient beings leads to the worst kind of karma. Our actions have consequences and killing sentient animals is considered adharmic or against dharma. We invite you to explore the sacred concept of ahimsa and by extension, veganism. (www.ahimsa-living.org)