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Narendra Parson, MD
Arihanta Council Member
Narendra Parson, MD, an Arihanta Council Member for Arihanta Institute, is a long-time resident of Southern California. He received his medical degree in Kolkata, India. He held multiple post-doctoral trainings in New Delhi, India; Oxford, England; and Columbia, New York. He was an assistant professor at University of California, Los Angeles. He ran his private practice in anesthesiology for many years before retiring in 2018.

Narendra has published an Advisory Board Member for his field including those on pulmonary gas exchange, effect of high altitude and hypoxia, and effect of nitroprusside on gas exchange.

Narendra has always been involved in philanthropy and was a long-time volunteer and contributor at Siddhachalam, the first tīrtha (pilgrimage) outside of India and based in New Jersey, where he held the vice chairman position as well. Currently, he is a member of the JAINA Academic Liaison Committee and volunteers at medical camps and food camps for the needy.

Narendra is very passionate about Jain art and literature and has given lectures on Jain art and principles at University of California, Santa Barbara. He has also delivered lectures on Jain principles as applied to the medical profession and the health benefits of vegetarianism.