Acharya Shri Roopchandra Ji

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Acharya Shri Roopchandra Ji
Through Arihanta Academy [Institute], you are carrying forward the efforts by Acharya Sushil Kumar to create an Ahimsa University In the US, and your commitment and devotion towards that objective is very admirable.

The worldwide Jain community has done a commendable job in devotedly building places of worship and veneration. It is equally essential to bring the arihantas’ teachings of ahimsa, compassion, anekantvaada, and yoga tradition to a wide – ranging society. It is admirable that Arihanta Academy [Institute] is advancing the Jain education efforts. This is undoubtedly a historic milestone. Our heartiest wishes and blessings for complete success in this endeavor.

– Acharya Roop Chandra, Manav Mandir Mission, New Delhi. March 8, 2022.