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Sustainable Finance

Course Number: 1009
Given the growing call for sustainability, finance needs to change its old habits of greed, profit and wealth maximization, but how and in which direction? Are the existing tools of investment evaluation sufficient or problematic? In this elective, diverse cultures and communities of finance will provide examples of how ethical finance practice is often hiding in plain sight. The contemporary science of finance lacks the tools and language to explore these wisdoms, primarily because it has ignored them and seen them as irrelevant or even a barrier to progress and profit.

In the class, sustainable ideals and practices of finance will be shared and shown to work in growing business AND contributing to community and society at the same time. Animals and Nature are not ‘othered’ or ‘exploited’ in this business practice but respected and nurtured as human beings are seen as humble trustees rather than destructive and careless overlords.

Learning Area

Professional Ethics