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Professional Ethics
We all have to work to earn a living, feed our families, and put a roof over our head. But have you ever wanted to take a closer look at the work that you do, the way that you manage and interact with others at work, and the money that you take home in light of professional ethics? In other words, is your professional life and career an ethical life and career? If these are questions you have pondered, our courses in Professional Ethics at Arihanta Academy offer you a chance to explore them with experts in the company of other professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Students learn how to conceive of an ethical professional life in the face of the pressures and situations most all professionals routinely face by applying Jain principles to these situations. The Jain tradition has a historical reputation for its commitment to ethical professionalism. One of the primary features of Jain professionalism throughout time has been the inherent trust that others have invested in Jain business owners and professionals due to their embodied self-control and commitment to principles such as non-violent diet, honesty, lack of compulsion to steal, and self-control. Furthermore, historically Jains have consistently prioritized education and have carefully selected their occupations to ensure that they would cause minimal violence to humans, animals, and the earth. They also sought to ensure that their profession would in some way provide enough income for them to be able to donate generously to philanthropic causes such as educational institutions, medical facilities, temples, animal shelters and other noble causes globally. Today, Jains comprise a wealthy and yet philanthropic segment of the global population. JAINA’s ALC has established numerous Jain professorships at universities, and Arihanta Academy was itself established as a non-profit educational institution to democratize Jain studies worldwide. Following Jain principles, Arihanta Academy’s courses in Professional Ethics thus focus on the ethical dimensions of wealth creation, utilization, preservation, growth, and, ultimately non-possession and renunciation of wealth. Our courses further highlight the lives of Jain professionals who live these principles in their careers and even those who have renounced their wealth for spiritual purposes. Whether you are Jain or not, learning to embody these principles in the work that you do will help you to choose a righteous and non-violent profession, to become a more effective manager or executive, and to support philanthropic causes for the betterment of society. Rather than merely having a job or career, transform the way you work into a non-violent and compassionate way of life that is grounded in Jain principles with your study of professional ethics at Arihanta Academy.