Anita Jain

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Anita Jain
Anita brings with her over two decades of international corporate projects and talent management experience and is a certified 900 hours Yoga practitioner and life coach. Having grown up in India, Anita's encounters with yoga varied from doing yoga with morning walkers in the neighborhood to being stretched by a yogi to gain height. However, Anita truly fell in love with Yoga in Switzerland where her inquisitiveness and curiosity led to a teacher’s certificate in her hands. One thing led to another and Anita quit her corporate career and started her own venture called Anandi by Anita. Anandi literally translated means the one who is joyful from within. Anandi gives Anita a channel to share many experiences that have facilitated her own transformation like Yoga, soulful retreats, pop up workshops, sound baths and festivals. Anita loves to spread the magic of yoga and support people’s journey of personal transformation. On a regular basis, Anita conducts yoga sessions, sound baths and themed workshops. In 2021 Anita along with her father Dr. Shugan Jain co-created Rhythm Of Life based on their combined life experiences, love for Jain and other philosophy, neuroscience and the sheer joy
of sharing with a wider community. www.anandiybanita.com