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Rhythm of Life

Course Number: 110
Take a journey within, to understand better your values, beliefs and desires. Everything in the universe has a rhythm, the sun rises and sets, the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of tides, the changing of seasons, similarly human life has ups and downs, delight and despair, love and loneliness, health and disease, abundance and lack and so on. But we forget this and at times we feel stuck in our suffering, or we question our own self-worth, we feel lost, disconnected with our inner resources and guidance and life starts feeling like it has gotten off course. The Rhythm of Life program offers you a space to reflect, learn and discover your own rhythm and take charge in your life to experience greater fulfilment, connection, healing, restoration, and harmony in life.

The program is based on the Jain principle “Jina- Be a Conqueror of the self” applied to a householder lifestyle. With better understanding of our true self, we can evolve, overcome our
obstacles and limiting beliefs, and take charge of our overall well-being and happiness.
There are 4 main modules in this course, which bring together various Indian philosophical traditions with a special emphasis on Jain philosophy, modern scientific research, and real life experiences.

Learning Objectives:
1. Develop a toolkit to lead a happier and holistic life.
2. Understand human suffering and its purpose in our lives.
3. Become more conscious of values-based living.
4. Redesign beliefs to harmonize your inner and outer worlds.
5. Create new habits to become the best version of yourself.

Learning Area

Yoga, Self-care and Spirituality

Course Length

4 hours Self-Study (Teachers available by appointment in office hours)