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Yoga, Self-care and Spirituality
Do you want to study the history, philosophy and anthropology of yoga traditions with experts in the field of yoga studies? Or are you looking for an effective self-care practice to help alleviate the stress, anxiety, depression and/or pressures of everyday life? Do you need an experienced instructor who can teach you, motivate you and coach you in these self-care practices to lead you on your spiritual path? If so, Arihanta Academy’s courses in Yoga, Self-care and Spirituality are tailored just for you. Embracing a number of modalities inspired by Jain, Yogic, Hindu, and Buddhist influences as well as the insights of modern psychology, students will learn how to take better care of themselves in light of the multiple pressures we all face every day. Learn effective and accessible yoga techniques, prāṇāyāma practices, meditations, the health benefits of veganism – a diet and way of life embraced even by top athletes all around the world – and other methods and routines in an online community of expert instructors and other devoted students. Also take the opportunity to study yoga’s rich history, understand the philosophical intricacies of its many systems and appreciate the complexity of modern yoga culture. You will find yourself immersed in the growing field of yoga studies with scholars who have dedicated their lives to studying yoga tradition and practice. We are all born with unique mental and physical capacities, and to a certain degree we can improve these capacities in our lifetime. In this regard, according to the Jain tradition it is necessary to have a healthy body and an “excellent physique” (uttama-saṃhanana) in order to lead an optimal spiritual life. Therefore, our courses in yoga, self-care and spirituality blend attention to the maintenance and health of the body with the ultimate aim of using the body intentionally for spiritual and intellectual pursuits. Transform your mental and physical health, your perspective and your spiritual life by enrolling in a yoga, self-care and spirituality course at Arihanta Academy today.