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Essence of Jainism: 16 Bhavanas (Intermediate, 18 and under)

Course Number: 108
Essence of Jainism is an intermediate course which provides a solid foundation to Jain belief and
covers a more advanced understanding of the key tenets of Jain principles, compassion for all
living beings as well as the purpose and benefits of the bhavanas in our spiritual journey. Of the
16 Bhavanas, we have covered the first 6 bhavanas in the previous course in-depth. This course
is modified to understand the deeper meaning of Bhavanas and understand and contemplate
them. Bhagwan Mahavir gave us 12 Bhavanas or reflections to help us drive out the bad
thoughts and invite the pure ones. These bhavanas explain to us the reality of our existence. We
will understand how we can develop inner transformation, introspection of the activities that take
place throughout the day, with respect to the bhavanas. How we can integrate every day
Nityakram, bhakti, satsang and key mantra malas in our daily routine which will bind the soul
and karmas?
● Teach youth the knowledge of 16 Bhavanas and its importance given by Bhagwan
Mahavir and teachings through Shrimad Rajchandra (Krupalu Dev)
● Provide them with a basic understanding of the major Jain stories, five major events in
the life of a Tirthankar called Kalyanak (auspicious events) and the short biography of
Laghuraj swami and Bhramchariji with Agas Ashram
● Explain consequences of four destinies or gatis regarding why someone is born in a
different kind of existence of life and source of sins. Learn about four types of kashayas
(emotions) and five indriyas in line with bhavanas

Learning Area

Jain Philosophy, History and Anthropology

Dates and Times

Sundays 11am-12pm Eastern Standard Time October 1 –
December 3rd